the eraserTM System

The ERASER System promises to be a new approach to tattoo removal that employs a next-generation scientific and technological advance. The fundamental principle behind the ERASER System is the dislodgement, at room temperature, of the tattoo ink particles from their biological anchors by a benign, safe reactive energy field that works on any color of tattoo ink and in the skin of any color.

THE choice is clearIT

A Comparison of the ERASER System to laser tattoo removal is included in the table below.

Performance 1-2 treatments 6-12 Sessions 60 days apart
Results No discernible image “shadow tattoo”
Ink Colors Treats all colors Match frequency – multiple lasers
Skin Type All Skin Types – Fitzpatrick I-VI Primarily for light colored skin Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III
Precision Fine, can alter-existing tattoo Coarse, limited control
Treatment Relatively pain free, modest aftercare Pain must be managed before each session (topicals or oral meds) Periprocedural pain is HIGH
Side Effects Mild bruising Blistering, bleeding, infection, hyperpigmentation, and/or hypopigmentation, and scaring